The last why i should get an A

I should get an A because I accomplish what needs to be done in class, although in my own way I accomplish it nonetheless. One of the difficulties I have recently come across is the mac to pc formatting which has caused trouble with my client project but I have figured out a solution which I will tackle on tuesday.


Why should I get an A

This week, although shorter than a usual week, however Noah and I completed our video projects we were supposed to accomplish. I also am still working on my client project I have but have run into some kinks given the translation of video files from PC to MAC.

Why I should get and A

I should get an A this week because the objectives that I had set were accomplished. Noah and I finished our work on the new logos for the youtube channel and I got my deadlines et for some¬†of my upcoming projects. The difficulties have included malfunctions with the cameras (later fixed by using Noah’s personal camera) and the one client that I have for a video project is not getting back to me all that speedily however I believe that may be because she is currently speaking for an event.

Job Shadow

For my job shadow I took a role on a committee at my dad’s workplace. This team and I have to add creative thought processes so as to make a new and fresh interior design to a room. Which includes redesigning three different walls with different designs.

Why I should get an A

I should get an A because i accomplished all of my goals for the week with proficiency. Mainly those goals encircling the newest music video that I am directing and acting in. Very excited for this video and for how it turns out. We did face some challenges however which included scheduling conflicts with the other members and the schools and locations we would film at but we managed to make the best of it and get some good footage.

Why I should get an A

This week we needed to get the ball rolling on this new music video. One of the biggest problems was choosing the song but we finally got it. This is gonna be great, we are going to have fun doing this and we are currently working on the choreography.