KWL “The Social Network”

Know: I know already that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a way for people to connect. Mark wasn’t even that popular of a guy, just a coder who wanted friends per se. The site took off in popularity and now is worth billions. Just a couple weeks ago, Mark cashed in a smallll amount of his stock which was valued at several millions.

Want to know: More about his early life.

Learn: I learned that there were actually multiple lawsuits against Zuckerberg and one was by the co-founder and his friend, Eduardo.


Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

My favorite commercial was the Time Machine Doritos commercial. It added a nice feel to the brand name with a funny twist. The reason why I chose it was because it was also the funniest in my opinion, you could watch it several times in a row without losing interest.

Why Should I get an A

This week, I should get an A because I accomplished the goal that I had for this week which was to finish my BPA project. Although the three snow days that we had crippled the progress of accomplishing this goal my team and I managed to finish the video in time.

Why I should get an A this week

I should get an A this week because I have made significant progress this week with my team in our BPA project. The biggest difficulty that we have faced so far is time. Several times we have been up against the wall time wise.

Written Exam: RoundTrip Boomerangs analysis

RoundTrip Boomerangs Has a decent presence on Facebook but no other social network presence. Facebook is a good base to social presence online but it is helpful to have other networks as well for the sake of building a bigger fan-base. One suggestion I have would be to expand the social network base by adding Twitter and Instagram into the mixing pot. With both networks one can use hashtags to get exponential growth in traffic. Adding a photographic side with Instagram and live updates from competitions and events with Twitter will make it much more interactive for users and fans. Difficulty with posting may result due to over complexity so I would also suggest using Hootsuite to manage the accounts in different social spheres.

The target audience are young boys 9-13 (more specifically the parents of said boys) and adult men 25-35. Social networking will be a great way to get ahold of this demographic. Since many younger boys may not have that much money if any and therefore the majority of audience will be adults. Through the plans I stated in the paragraph above, we can reach these demographics easily.

In conclusion, I think that a good way to get the word out besides at events is to use the promotion tools that Facebook and Twitter have to offer. These are cheap options to get publicity and they can reach a wide number of people. Another final reason why Roundtrip Boomerangs should branch out its social media presence is because of the global span that it can do.